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xTechKR is a tech site where we provide you tech solutions. It is basically a platform where you can learn about Android, iPhone, iOS, PC, How To, Rumors, Games, Tips, Tricks, Tech News and more. A Simple Process that works for WordPress, SEO, Making money, Blogging, Gaming, How To, Tips and Tricks etc.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for giving your precious time to visit mine About page.

xTechKR is basically a site where I post post’s about Android, PC, Gaming and much more. You guys may be here through Google Search or YouTube. I heartily welcome everyone and thanks for giving time to visit this, glad to see you here.
Founder of this site is Kris Regmi. I am a student interested in blogging. For now, I am studying in Little Angels’ School. I have started this site not for profit but as a passion of mine. I have started this site to get some experience as I want to be a great Computer Engineer in future. I don’t get much time to keep on tutorials, so whenever I get time I keep posting. Though, if I don’t post for a long time, please don’t stop visiting my site.

If you have any problem or want to contact me then you can email me here: xtechkr.com@gmail.com or at admin@xtechkr.com. I will try to assist you and try to get out of your problem ASAP. There might be delay but I will try to help you as soon as possible.