Best Music Player Apps for Android you must give a try. Get the best music experience on your Android phone or tablet with these great apps! Everyone love listening music, if you are one of them, then you must install and try these best music player apps on your Android phone!

Best Music Players for Android | 2018 Edition [Free & Paid] 1

A Music Player is one of the must-have apps for Android smartphone, for those who are fond of music and want to try many different things. However, the default device’s player is not good enough in most cases. It may not support playing various music formats. In such case, this post will help you choose the best Music players for your Android device!

10 Best Free & Paid Music Players for Android

Android devices are the devices that have created an indisputable facility for all music lovers. An excellent quality of music is there for all ensembles, where the role of music players is more than anything.

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Best Music Players for Android | 2018 Edition [Free & Paid]

They are presented with so many extra features that music lovers love devices, more than iPods and other music players. A list of the best a free music player that has created a sensation for Android users is:

Best Free Music Players for Android

Here I share the list of Best Free Music Players for Android that supports your device to play music with more features.

1. Double Twist Music Player

The music player has a perfect and excellent interface. The application has all the features of its free version, even if the radio subscription is only for the pro version. The app offers a perfect listening experience to all users. This is one of the best music and podcast player out there in the Android market. I personally felt it good and I think, you guys also should give it a chance. You guys are definetely going to love this beast!

2. Equalizer and MP3 Player

Users who like to personalize music with EQ will love this application which has a highly customizable equalizer and a perfect color interface, which will please you a lot. However, if you are not fond of the equalizer, this app is not for you at all. Download now! It is the best All-in-One Pro Music Player out there for your Android device. It is more than just a player with many features you can’t imagine too! It is the best Music Player for you guys!

3. Google Play Music
Google Play Music
Google Play Music
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

If you like to listen to music online, this is the best free music player for you. You’ll love the look and feel of the app, but will not like the app if you want to listen to music from your SD card. It is one of the best Google Products that Google has stepped in front of you! You might like this product which has more than a Billion active downloads!

4. Poweramp
Poweramp Full Version Unlocker
Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

If you like to listen to a player’s songs in your own theme, this app is the best for you. This application is only available in the paid version with a free trial. You may first try the trial version. If you like it, find it good and want to move on with that then you may Download the Pro APK. You might or might not like it but it does not cost anything for trying the free version!

5. N7 Player

This player is loved by users, not for the interface, but for its support for maximum audio formats. This makes the application special and funky. You’ll love the paid version of the app more than the free version. Go for it! It is made only for you!

6. Neutron Music Player
Neutron Music Player
Neutron Music Player

The application is excellent and it will give you excellent support thanks to its ultimate interface and will benefit from 32 and 64 bits. It has good features, but the application is only available in a paid version. It’s your choice, if you want to spend few bucks for this or not. You may get and seek reviews for this premium app on Play Store or at any review websites!

7. Player Pro Music Player
PlayerPro Music Player
PlayerPro Music Player
Developer: BlastOn SA
Price: $3.99

The app is aimed at advanced users with an excellent user interface and custom settings. The application is not free, but you can use the trial version beforehand and get the initial support. Nothing is free in this world! You might give it a try!

8. jetAudio Music Player

The free version of the application is excellent and you will love the appearance of the application. There is no visualization aid or equalizer, but the quality of the player’s music is excellent. The app is also available for purchase, but the free version is sufficient for single users.

9. Rocket Music Player
Rocket Music Player
Rocket Music Player

This one is an excellent application, with all the features available in the free version. The paid version will give you some advanced features, including the custom equalizer. It is one of the Android’s most advanced music player with many features included such as Graphic Equalizer, Themes, Embeded Lyrics, Custom Lockscreen, Support for many formats etc.

10. Shuttle +
Shuttle Music Player
Shuttle Music Player
Developer: SimpleCity
Price: Free+

This music player has some advanced features. You can experience the best performance of the folder drive, including the latest features of the paid version of the application. Many functions are there in the application, although it is simple. It is the Music Player of choice for your Android Phone with many key features. You must give it a try because who knows you may fall into love with this!

This was it! Hope you like this! If we missed any of the best music player apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! See you in the next article!


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