How to get AdSense approval easily in 2020 [Updated Method]

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How to get AdSense approval easily in 2020 [Updated Method] Latest method on getting Google AdSense Approved Fast in 2020. It is easy to get AdSense approval for your site if you follow all our steps / tricks carefully!

How to get AdSense approval easily in 2020 [Updated Method]

With the help of this trick, you will get to know how we can get AdSense approval easily. This will work on any website or blog which is running on any kind of platform. It will work for any kind of website or blog (Whether it has a Blogger platform or WordPress platform or any other platforms like Joomla etc.)

We will talk about some main reasons why one does not get AdSense approval. Along with the reasons, we will also talk about how we can get an approved AdSense account.

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Why our AdSense account gets disapproved? Some main possible reasons are likely:

  • Insufficient content. (There should be adequate text in your posts)
  • Site (s) does not comply with the policies of Google AdSense.
  • Site violates the program and policies of Google AdSense.
  • The site was down while reviewing.
  • The site is not old enough to get approved. (Usually, site should be at least 6 months.)

For us to get an AdSense approval, we must focus on some things. We need to focus on those things. If we have these things and solve the problems related to it, we will definitely get the AdSense approval. Some things that we must focus on are listed down below:

    • Buy a custom domain. (Top level domains like .com, .net, .org, .tk, etc.)
    • Get a quality hosting for your website.
    • Minify HTML, Java Scripts, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files and remove Query Strings.
    • Increase the loading speed of your website.
    • Make sure that your website is 6 months old.
    • Add pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer etc.
    • Write up to 10-15 quality posts with few images. (Minimum 500 words with at least 1-2 images).
    • Use correct grammar.
    • Do not copy images and texts from other websites.
    • Use Heading and Subheadings in every post. Use tags like H1, H2, H3 ….. and so on.)
    • Drive 15+ traffic daily to your site (Use Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and forums like Quora, Reddit for it)
    • Use at least 2-3 images in your post that describes your content.
    • Ensure that you have used proper templates that give your users proper surfing with a better experience while on your site.
    • Do not change your template till AdSense gives you some response.
    • Create a Gmail ID for your site to apply for AdSense and to get approved. Example-

Here is a brief explanation for you all to be easier to understand and get with the problems and solve them:-

1) Buy a custom domain.

You can buy a custom domain for your site from domain providers like Godaddy, Namecheap and others. But if you don’t want to spend money on buying a custom domain, you may search on Google for ‘How to get top-level domains for free’. You will not get TLD domains like .com, .net, .org for free but you will get domains like .tk, .ml,, .uk for free.

2) Get a quality hosting.

You should get a hosting to host your website. There are many host providers like Hostgator, Just Host etc that provides you with quality hosting with few amount of money. But if you do not want to invest or spend your money on it, you can get hosting provider that provide best hosting for free.

3) Minify HTML, JavaScripts, CSS codes and remove Query Strings.

This is the most important thing because AdSense team first look at your website’s code and website speed and then go for further steps. Even if your site meets all the criteria of AdSense, if your site speed is slow and has HTML, JavaScript errors, then your AdSense account might get rejected. Your deprecated HTML tags must have to be solved. It might be hard to do this with our hands, so you might need to take help from experts to do this.

4) Increase the loading speed of your website.

If you Minify HTML, Java Scripts, CSS codes and remove Query Strings, your website’s loading speed will automatically get increased. Besides this, if you use Compressed and Optimized images for your website, this will also increase the loading speed of your website. Along with this, your website must use GZIP compression to compress your website which will keep the size of your website small. This will help a lot to increase the loading speed of your website.

5) Make sure that your website is 6 months old.

This is the most important factor. Whether you follow all the terms and conditions of Google AdSense or not, if your website is not older than necessary, your website will get disapproved. Even though if your site complies with Google AdSense policies or not, I am keenly sure that you will get disapproved because of the age of your site. If your website is not older than necessary, you will receive a disapproval mail in about 2 hours after applying for AdSense with the error message ‘Site(s) does not comply with AdSense policies’. So it is highly recommended that you wait at least 4-5 months before applying for AdSense.

6) Add important pages like on your website

In the pages section, you need to create at least three pages for Contact, About, Privacy Policy. AdSense team gives a high priority to this. So you must create these pages and add these pages on your website in header or footer section. It is a must though not mandatory but highly prefered to create these pages.

About Us

You need to write about yourself, your interests, your hobbies, your profession that describes about you in About page. You can briefly describe about yourself, your team and all.

Contact Us

In Contact Us page, you need to create a form so that people can leave a message for you. You can seek help for creating a Contact from on Google. If you are using WordPress, various WP developers have already made multi-purpose Contact plugins, which will help you easily build beautiful Contact forms.

Privacy policy.

You should make your own Privacy Policy with extended information. If in problem creating this page, you can simply search on Google to make a Privacy Policy. There are few websites that help you generate Privacy Policy page.

7) Write 12-15 Quality Posts (500+words) [Content is King]

You need to write up to 15 quality posts that have at least 1000+ words in it depending on the post type. Quality posts helps you in generating both traffic and revenue. What one should know by a quality post is a piece of content which is unique, generally mind boggling, content which people are seeking for and most on the top, which helps people. It should not be a plagarized writing or a spinned one which most of the content creators do today. One plus point for quality content can be Images. A quality content is made by summing all these things.

8) Use correct grammar.

Make proper use of grammar an avoid grammatical mistakes. Do not make blunder mistakes while writing. Use Grammarly if you don’t know proper grammar and spellings. Grammarly will help you correct your grammar and spelling mistakes. It will also help you with punctuation marks, symbols and others too.

9) Do not copy text and images from other sites.

AdSense is much more clever than you think. So, you should not use any kind of text or image that are not allowed by the owner. Yeah, you can use same images, if you insert watermark in it. Before uploading an image, you must rename the image and then upload it.

10) Use heading and subheading in every post. (H1, H2, H3 ….. and so on.)

This is the most important thing, that every beginner misses while applying for AdSense. Due to this, they get rejected by AdSense. So, do not forget to use heading and subheading in your post. Use H1 in the main point on the top of the post and prefer using H2 and H3 for others.

11) Drive daily 15+ traffic to your site.

In order to get AdSense approval, it is also necessary that your site receives daily traffic. Your site must get some few daily unique traffic. You can use Reddit and and Quora to share your links and make online presence but make sure not to spam. Also, don’t forget to share your posts link on Social Media. You might share your posts link on Social Media such as Facebook Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin etc. These will definitely help you gain daily traffics. One important tip, don’t try to spam or over share. This might lead to banning or the media sites where you shared might flag your domain.

12) Use at least 1 or 2 or more images in your post.

It is also necessary that you include 1 or 2 images in each of your posts to get AdSense approval. Images that you use must be related to your content.

13) Ensure that you have used proper templates that give your users proper surfing with a better experience while on your site.

It means that your visitors should be able to access every page of your site easily. So, you need to manage your navigation menu properly. The buttons on your website should not be too small that your viewers can’t even see it. So you must use a proper and well-designed template for your website.

14) Create a Business E-Mail for your site.

It is highly preferred to create a business email address, like for AdSense. Though this is not mandatory, you may use a business email if not use Gmail. It is not mandatory but it is better if you do so. If you are planning to use Gmail, it is better if you create an e-mail adress such as Once again this does not make any big difference or say any difference. It is just a good practice.

15) Do not change your site’s template / theme until AdSense gives some response.

You should not change your template if you have applied for AdSense till AdSense provides or give you some response to your application. Otherwise, it may say that your site is still under construction and all. So, you must not change the template of your website while it is in the review. This is still not compulsory. Actually it happens to make no difference but why this is suggested is because using a new template suddenly can create implications or say in-compatibility and break your site and it’s feature along with the content. But if you are sure about what you are doing then you are free to do so. Don’t make any huge changes except for content.

After you’ve got all these things done, you are free to apply for AdSense. If you have understood all the things mentioned above and do according to it, you will definitely get AdSense approval. If you do not miss out on any of these things before applying for AdSense, you will surely get AdSense approval for your website within 2 working days.

This was all about ‘How to get AdSense approval easily. Hope this article helped you. See you in the next article!

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