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Hello PUBG Mobile fans, after a long wait, the Great Magician i.e the new Andy character has finally been enrolled / added to the PUBGM with the current Global 0.18.0. It was believed that Andy could have been late in coming to PUBGM sooner due to the Global Pandemic the very same way that had happened to the Carlo character. Andy has to be released in this current season i.e Season 13. So today, in this article we will be talking all about Andy and how to unlock Andy in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile developers recently rolled out the latest 0.18.0 update few weeks back which brought a massive update which included Miramar 2.0 which is my one of favorite in this update. There were plenty more updates added such as Sandstorm, Cheer Park, Bluehole Mode (New Arcade Mode)

Few updates like Safety Scramble Mode, Canted Sight (A scope) is also a good attachment which can be added to few guns which inludes few AR’s, SMG’s and LMG’s. Though for me, personally I hardly get chance to get the canted sight scope in the classic match.

Who is Andy?

Andy is a magician and puppeteer and his career ended due to an accident. To get his revenge, he taught himself to become a master of guns in a short period of time and tested his skills in combat.

For more information on the very new character, Andy is a male character which is available for EvoGround mode, except for the TDM (Team Deatch Match). Andy’s special feature like every other characters like Victor, Sara and Carlo has, Andy has the ability to increase the speed of drawing and holstering guns.

As seen with every special characters, we can level up Andy up to Lv.10 with which we get chance to get Andy voice pack, Extreme Speed ability leveled up to Lv.5

The power of Andy is that he can switch between one weapon to another quite fast which is also known as Extreme Speed Ability.

What is Extreme Speed Ability?

Well, as stated in PUBGM, due to Andy having his expertise in Puppetmaster, Andy has nimble hands that make gun handling a breeze. So, similar way, leveling up in Extreme Ability will increase the speed of drawing and putting guns by 16% Max (Initially 10%)

Here’s what you’ll get after leveling up to the 10th Lvl. Following by Andy and Andy Pack to a great MVP emote, you’ll get to see Voice packs, Ability level up, Andy outfit, Exclusive emotes and what not.

Here’s what you will be getting in the course of leveling up,

How to unlock the new Andy Character?

This picture shows in brief what you need to do to get Andy. Simply tap on purchase to get the desired character in PUBG Mobile.

Step 1: 

Open PUBGM on your device, smartphone or emulator.

Step 2:

Navigate through Workshop > Character and chose Andy from the left and right arrows on the screen. You will be needing 1200 Character Vouchers. If you have enough vouchers, skip this else continue reading as we have talked about various events here.

You can try collecting the character vouchers through events and can unlock Andy. If you have enough character vouchers i.e 1200, you can get Andy for free. You just have to complete the missions to get vouchers. Events for Andy for collecting character vouchers, will come more in future. In case if you happen to not like Andy, you can also buy Carlo or any other Special character like Victor and Sara if you missed to get them earlier.

You get 1 UC discount for every character voucher used. So, let’s suppose that you have 1200 character vouchers. This means that 1200 Character Vouchers is equivalent to 1200 UC which you can use to unlock any Special Character available on PUBGM.

Do note that vouchers can only be used for unlocking characters, that means you cannot use Character Vouchers to open crates.

Step 3:

Click on Purchase. You can see the pictures above. Same interface will be shown to your device. If you don’t have enough vouchers and still want to get it, you can simply buy it using UC (Ofcourse). You can definitely buy any thing in PUBG if you have UC. Just tap on purchase and you have less you can simply purchase it.

There’s a current event running that allows you to collect 60 FREE Character Vouchers along with one Classic Crate Coupon Scrap and Character Shad.

Don’t forget to collect it. It started from Jun 11 and will last till Jun 1. This event will no longer be available after Jun 16, so get hand on these rewards by Jun 16

If you don’t want to spend UC for purchasing Andy, wait for PUBGM team to bring new events for collecting character vouchers (which they will obviously do), these events will specially be brought for Andy with new rewards. Obviously this will include the famous Silver Fragments, with which the PUBG team has special, extraordinary and unbreakable love.

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