How to Play YouTube Videos in Background or Screen Off on iPhone & iPad

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Playing your favorite videos on your phone is always fantastic. Everybody loves to play their favorite musics, podcasts, interviews, dialogues, etc. There are some restrictions by the biggest video player “YouTube”. There are certain boundaries that no body can cross in this app. So, one of them is “not being able to play videos in background and screen off”. But, for every problem there is solution. So, there are some tricks and methods to play YouTube videos in background on iPhone or iPad. 

What is The Benefit of Playing Videos on Background or Screen Off ?

There are many positive points and benefits of playing YouTube videos in background or screen off. Here are some of them:

  • Battery Life: Reduces battery drain on off screen in comparison to on screen
  • Light: If you are sleeping, then the video light may disturb you. You can use the off screen video playing trick.
  • Multi-Tasking: You can use other apps like Facebook, twitter etc by listening to your favorite music on background.

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Now you must be wondering how to play YouTube videos in Screen OFF on iPhone.

Here are some methods for you:-

Method #1

Using Safari

To play Videos in background or off screen you can take help from Safari Browser (iPhone’s trusted browser). You just have to follow these simple steps:-

  • Open YouTube
  • Search your favorite video
  • Click on Share button
  • Click on Copy Linkyoutube share button - how to play youtube video in background
  • Open Safari
  • Paste and search the link( Your video will now open in browser)
  • Click on AAHow to Play YouTube Videos in Background or Screen Off on iPhone & iPad
  • After clicking AA, click on Request Desktop Site.How to play youtube videos in background on iphone
  • Click on PLAY
  • Once you click play turn your screen off by clicking power button.
  • Now turn the screen on ( don’t open the lock screen)
  • Click on PLAY
  • Now enjoy your video on Screen OFF.

Method # 2

Using Google Chrome

  • Open YouTube
  • Copy Link of your favorite video.
  • Open Google Chrome
  • Paste and search the link 
  • Click on Triple dot how to play youtube in background on iphone click
  • Then click on Request Desktop Site
  • Play the video
  • Turn screen off
  • Turn it on and in Lock screen click PLAY

So, these are the methods to play YouTube videos in Screen OFF with Browsers.


How to Play YouTube Videos On Background on iPhone and iPad ?

# Using Browser

  1. Open YouTube and search for your favorite video
  2. Copy link of the video
  3. Paste it on your favorite browser
  4. Request For Desktop Site 
  5. Play the video after entering desktop site on browser
  6. Press home button ( go to home screen)
  7. Scroll up and click on the play button
  8. Now enjoy music on background


Here in this tutorial we gave small idea on how to run YouTube videos on background and Screen OFF . This is the easiest and quickest method. If you want to go through YouTube app you will need a paid subscription for this feature. So, here we bring free trick for you. 

We will be adding more and more tech related posts, until then stay in touch with us. 

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