How to Set Video as Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone 2020

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Hello world!! Today I am here with new tutorial on how to set video as lock screen wallpaper on iPhone. It is full step by step tutorial which is very easy to understand.

Wallpaper makes the phone look good. Everybody prefer to use some decorative wallpaper in order to make their phone screen look good. We can find default wallpaper on our phones. We can also choose wallpaper from our own gallery.

Live Wallpapers are the kind of animated or real wallpapers which appears to be alive. It can feel your hand sense and give some beautiful effects. Live wallpapers makes your phone really look nice. Many people prefer to use animated live wallpapers. They play in lock screen by tapping the screen.

Here is an example of live wallpaper on iPhone.

live wallpaper iphone

Above, when i touch the phone screen then smoke appears to move in different path as programmed. So, this is simple example what live wallpaper is.

In iPhone you can also put recorded video as Live Wallpaper. 

Why would any one use video as live wallpaper?

Many peoples have there favorite videos on the gallery section. Sometime they may not get chance to watch them due to some problems like, being busy, low battery or anything else. In phone before getting into anything you must pass through lock screen, if you have your favorite video on lock screen then you can simply watch it anytime without going to gallery and searching it. This can save your time as well as you can watch your favorite video anytime anywhere. On top of such reason, a persons taste on Wallpaper and theme plays a major role, what they like and what they don’t.

To put video as live wallpaper on iPhone you don’t need to jailbreak if you follow this simple tutorial.

How to set Video as Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone?

Please follow this simple steps:-

#1. Go to AppStore

#2. Search for VideoToLive

Here is what the app looks like:

Developer: Thomas Yoon
Price: Free+
how to set video as lockscreen wallpaper on iphone

#3. Download it and launch it

#4. Then all the videos you have will show up and choose the video you want for lockscreen.

Here is how it looks after choosing the video

how to set video as lockscreen wallpaper on iphone

Note: If you don’t want sound then you can disable it from Options menu. Also you can make video shorter by cropping. The length must be 30 sec or less then 30 sec.

#5. After completing the editing phase click on convert. The video will be added to your gallery

You are all done with the things you need to do on the app. Now,

#6. Go to Settings

#7. Click on Wallpaper

#8. Click Camera Roll

#9. Make sure you enabled live phone ON

#10. Then click set as Lock Screen.

Note:- It won’t work on home screen

Now you’re all done with the steps to get your video set as a wallpaper.

5 Best Live Wallpaper Apps For iPhone

#1. Black Lite-Live Wallpaper

‎Black Lite - Live Wallpaper
‎Black Lite - Live Wallpaper

The Black Lite – Live Wallpaper is one of the best live wallpaper app which brings lot of awesome live wallpapers. There are lot of live wallpapers available in the app. All are really stunning and great. If you are black lover then I recommend you to download this app.

#2. intoLive

Create amazing live wallpapers using your favorite videos or gifs!. intoLive can produce the Live Photo very quickly. It also have some really awesome wallpapers with it.You can also turn all of your videos or gifs into Live Photo and use them as wallpapers on your iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR(iOS 13), 11, 11 Pro device!Customize Live Wallpapers in your lock screen and show it off to your friends with the help of intoLive . It will be very interesting.

#3. Live Wallpaper HD For iPhone

‎Live Wallpapers HD for iPhone
‎Live Wallpapers HD for iPhone
Developer: Laraun
Price: Free+

Live wallpaper HD for iPhone is best if you are searching for lite and free wallpaper app. It’s really easy to use and is awesomely designed. You can get gorgeous design of wallpaper with weekly updates. There are many beautiful wallpapers with HD resolutions and perfectly crafted dynamic backgrounds. There is wide and variety of categories. You can impress your friends by showing off some beautiful and gorgeous wallpapers.

#4. Everpix Live Wallpaper 4K

Everpix Live Wallpaper 4K is also one of the best app if you are searching for some cool and best live moving wallpapers. You can get incredible and unique type of live wallpapers there. You can even personalize and create your own design. This app also provides you weekly updates to make you stay in touch with more awesome design. You can also explore various categories.

#5. Wow Pixel

So in the list we have wow pixel which is also one of the incredible live wallpaper producing app. It also contains various of well designed wallpapers. You can even create your own design from here. You can get live trends wallpapers. You can also check different live wallpapers on different categories. It’s category includes games, animals, flowers, background etc. You can also enable notifications to stay in touch with this app.

Hope this article helped you to put video as lock screen wallpaper and choose many live wallpaper apps. You can change or make any other video as live wallpaper. Main thing is that make sure you have enabled live photos on before clicking set.

Hello World!! It's me Shreejan Mishra . I am from Kathmandu, Nepal currently studying in Caspian Valley College. I am tech enthusiast . I love to help people related on tech . I am not a Professional but yeah to help, only the helping heart is required .

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