ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites List for 2021 [Updated]

Looking to download movies using ExtraTorrent Proxy? Use this best extratorrent proxy list to unblock ExtraTorrent and use the mirror website without any issue. Use these fastest ExtraTorrent proxies to access torrents from any Place, State, or Country for free.

Whenever it comes to downloading the latest Movie, video, images, software, etc. we always go for Torrent sites. And if you use Torrent then 80% of the time you are aware of ExtraTorrent Proxy List.

Extratorrent gives the most recent films, music, pictures for nothing and different countries prevent their users from accessing it. So this is where ExtraTorrent proxy comes in handy.

A look at ExtraTorrent Proxy
A look at ExtraTorrent Proxy Site

Most countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries have banned this torrent site but you can easily access them by using the Proxy of other countries.

In Fact, in this post, I am going to share with you the best ExtraTorrent Proxy List To unblock the ExtraTorrent site. If you are a Technology Freak and you love Exploring the Internet then this post is definitely the best one for you.

So without wasting any time, let’s start our main topic of ExtraTorrent Proxy List. But before that just check what is ExtraTorrent if you are new.

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What is ExtraTorrent Proxy Mirror?

ExtraTorrent became famous after the Ban of Kickass Torrent. It is an online index website where you can download many kinds of stuff like Video, Audio, Images, Software, etc via the Peer-to-Peer file-sharing method.

ExtraTorrent Proxy - How it works
What is Extratorrent Proxy and How it Works

It is mostly used to download Movies, Software, etc. You can also upload your own content on the ExtraTorrent Site.

The main benefit of Torrent sites, why we are using it is speed and content. Most people use ExtraTorrent to download recently released movies.

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Almost all movies get available on ExtraTorrent after the one day of release. But this kinds of stuff are not legal.

Some countries don’t have direct access to access ExtraTorrent. If you live in India, Australia, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain, etc. then you cannot directly use ExtraTorrent.

Why Did Extratorrent Shutdown?

In May 2017, the main site extratorrent.cc was voluntarily shut down by their authors. The reason was as Extratorrent provided easy access to copyrighted material which in turn promotes piracy and piracy is taken very strictly in many countries. As a result, Extratorrent was shut down.

Now, what to do?

What can we do to unblock ExtraTorrent?

There are two ways with which you can use to access these sites.

1. Use Extratorrent Proxy sites (Mirror sites)

A simple solution would be to use a Proxy or Mirror of ExtraTorrent to unblock the website. Actually, Mirror Website is a copy of the original site maintained by the staff of ExtraTorrent.

For this service, they might or might not charge money in the form of donations.

If you have got a free proxy, try downloading from free proxy sites then you have to see many annoying Ads on those websites with annoying, irrelevant, and irritating redirects.

And for avoiding this kind of thing, this post may be advantageous for you! Now, get ready for the 12 of the best Working Proxy for the ExtraTorrent website.


12 of the Best Working ExtraTorrent Proxy List for 2021

Proxy No.Proxy ServerStatus
Proxy 1https://extratorrents.chWorking
Proxy 2https://extratorrents-cc.comWorking
Proxy 3https://extratorrent2.unblockninja.comWorking
Proxy 4https://freeproxy.ioWorking
Proxy 5https://extratorrent.itWorking
Proxy 6https://freeanimesonline.comWorking
Proxy 7https://ext.toWorking
Proxy 8https://extratorrent.si/Working
Proxy 9https://extratorrent.cd/Working
Proxy 10https://filesdownloader.comWorking
Proxy 11https://sitenable.infoWorking
Proxy 12https://siteget.netWorking
12 Working ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites in 2021

Overall Ad annoyance (On a scale of 0-10): 5

How to unblock ExtraTorrent using ExtraTorrent Proxy?

As I already said using Torrent sites is not legal in many countries and they are banned by ISP itself to maintain Privacy and Customer Data.

But who cares when we need we get massively huge content for free with quite a fast download speed? We can easily access those contents by unblocking ExtraTorrent. But how to do that? Keep reading this post!

Read below for detailed instructions on unblocking ExtraTorrent Proxy.

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  1. Scroll up and find the ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites Link. Then click on any ExtraTorrent Proxy server.
  2. That will redirect you to a mirror website.
  3. If one proxy site is not working for you then you can try any other proxy link
  4. Make sure you enter proper spelling in the proxy sites search box as these sites are very sensitive to any terms.
  5. After downloading a torrent file, you download any file using uTorrent or any 3rd party client download software.
ExtraTorrents Proxy
ExtraTorrents Proxy

Using these simple steps, you can download any Software, Video, Audio from ExtraTorrent sites.

Want other ways to Unblock ExtraTorrent? If you are looking for an easy way to unblock ExtraTorrent then this section is just for you!

2. Use VPN to access Extratorrent site

You can also Unblock ExtraTorrent via using any VPN service.

If you don’t know what is VPN then, in short, you can understand that VPN is a Virtual Private Network and can be used to change the IP Address of your PC with any country and access their internet from your country, your home place without having to go to that country easily.

Unblock ExtraTorrent using VPN (Step-by-step)

Visit any VPN site or Simply search for “IP Address Changer” or “VPN for your system” in Google and open any site.

You can use VPN applications as well for unblocking Extratorrent. This is the best appropriate, easy, and effective method. There are many VPNs out there. Most free VPNs sell your browsing data. That means all your browsing history, data and information are sold as it is the only way for such free VPNs to make some money and keep providing the service.

If there’s anything for free, then its users are their data. So if you use a VPN, make sure to use the one that doesn’t keep any logs. One best VPN Application that I found great and helpful and I highly suggest to you is Vypr VPN. Vypr VPN does not record or retain any data when you use their service.

If you guys are blocked by specific countries, then you can use a VPN to access these Extratorrent sites. There is a lot of VPN that can be used to access these torrents site. Try any of these VPNs.

  1. Vypr VPN
  2. HMA VPN
  3. Hola VPN
  4. Windscribe
  5. Turbo VPN
  6. Tunnelbear
  7. Speedify
  8. Proton VPN
  9. Hotspot Shield

These are the most popular VPNs that you can use to access any blocked sites.

If you Need help Regarding changing your IP address then check Wikihow’s post on Changing your IP Address.

Now enter the URL of the website which you want to unblock i.e ExtraTorrents.cc

If everything goes right and you open the Extratorrent site then congratulations. Now you can use ExtraTorrent without any proxy.

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives you can try in 2021 that are safe


RARBG was founded in 2008, and it facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing of files using BitTorrent. A VPN connection is needed to access and bypass restrictions because it is blocked in several countries, such as UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, etc. VPN allows you safe access to the content that you want on RARBG just like ExtraTorrent does. Just like ExtraTorrent, it also has a wide range of categories for movies, TV shows, and many other watchable or downloadable content.

2. 1337x

1337X was launched in 2007 and is one of the best ExtraTorrent alternatives. 1337x is a community-based popular torrent site with which you can easily download movies, music, TV shows, games, software, and more.

1337x is one of the most popular torrent websites that use BitTorrent protocol to allow peer-to-peer file-sharing of its directory of torrent files. It is used by a large number of users worldwide.

3. YTS.am

YTS is another best alternative to ExtraTorrent. If you rely heavily on downloading movies from torrents, YTS will surely amaze you with its massive collection of movies and intuitive user interface. YTS, previously known as YIFY focuses entirely on movies and gives users high-quality files than any other torrenting site can offer.

4. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is the world’s leading torrent site that provides access to numerous TV shows, movies, music tracks, videos, and software. The Pirate Bay is like a search engine that helps you find torrents made available by other users. The Pirate Bay is based in Seychelles and is a non-profit organization that was initially founded by a Swedish group of anti-copyright activists in 2003.


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Extratorrent Proxy Sites FAQ

What is the best ExtraTorrent Proxy Site?

The best ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites include extratorrents.ch, extratorrents.ag, extratorrents.si, extratorrents.cd, and many others that we have included in the list. They seem to be quite good with quite a low Ad annoyance.

Is ExtraTorrent Proxy legal?

Not quite. ExtraTorrent Proxies are blocked in many countries due to legal issues. It contains both legal and illegal files, this is the reason why ExtraTorrent was shut down.

What happens if you get caught using ExtraTorrent Proxy sites?

If you are caught using ExtraTorrent Proxy sites to watch copyrighted content, you might face legal issues. This is the reason we recommend you have a VPN when using such proxy sites.

Do you need a VPN for accessing ExtraTorrent Proxy sites?

Yes and No. Having a VPN is not mandatory but using VPN sure does seem to be quite necessary and helpful for some countries while accessing ExtraTorrent Proxy sites. VPN’s hide your activities on ExtraTorrent Proxy sites and keep you anonymous from your government and ISP.

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