Artificial intelligence is not just a concept of technology in the contemporary world but it is the reason for the change that is happening all around the world. Artificial intelligence is said to be a technological development which is about making a machine to be able to think and progress like a human through the collected data and pre-defined models. There is a lot of conversation happening around the entire world in a number of fields and one of those fields is designing.

How AI Has Started To Impact Our Work as Designer

Designing is about colors and designs or patterns but moreover, it is about creativity and this is the reason that people thought artificial intelligence would not impact this field. But technology always surprises and this was what happened with designers as well. I was in the field of designing long before artificial intelligence came in and as a logo designer, I was working on things that were technological yet were not impacted by artificial intelligence. However, a few years ago artificial intelligence was introduced and like every other field, it has also impacted the field of designing. Here are a few impacts that AI has made to the work of designers.

1. Helping in the automation of Legwork

How AI Has Started To Impact Our Work as Designer

Sometimes the work of designers also is dependent on legwork. A number of times it has been witnessed in the field that the work of designers could have problem-solving more than it actually includes designing and this happens mostly in the cases of the team. This is rather easy with robotics or artificial intelligence. This makes the designers to just focus on their work and get things done without worrying about the leg work.

2. Increased Innovation

How AI Has Started To Impact Our Work as Designer

Well, with artificial intelligence the use of technological medium has increased and this has made more visual effects to be identified and used in the context of designing. Apps like Artisto and Prisma have made it to the top just because they used more efficient and versatile graphical elements. The creative ideas of designers have now been implicated through these artificial intelligence tools.

3. Became An Inspiration

How AI Has Started To Impact Our Work as Designer

Artificial intelligence is way more powerful than any of the humans in terms of memorizing the data and such other things. This became a source of inspiration in the world for designers and this was another major impact that was brought to the field of designing through artificial intelligence. This brings the designers to have the creativity to be kicked in their work and this is how artificial intelligence has aided to the field of designing. The data moreover could also be used for personalization and making the user experience to be improved. When it comes to web design it is one of the most important factors and this is the reason that artificial intelligence has contributed to the field of designing through the same.

4. Improving Testing and Quality Assurance

How AI Has Started To Impact Our Work as Designer

What an idea it is to implicate the creativity through the human mind and then get it checked through the machine and artificial intelligence. In current times, designers do create innovative and original logos or design ideas. Then to get them checked through machines makes its effectiveness to be increased. This induction of machine learning in the context of testing and quality assurance makes it possible for the logo designers to have inch-perfect designs. This is one of the aids of artificial intelligence in the field of designing.

5. It Has Increased Competition

How AI Has Started To Impact Our Work as Designer

One of the drawbacks that artificial intelligence has brought in the field of designing is that it has increased competition. Well, it could be said here that artificial intelligence can be one of the reasons that humans would be replaced in the operations. In this context, the field of designing has been impacted by the induction of logo makers and such other logo making tools. This was one of the major impacts that negatively made us become more creative and innovative at the field in order to survive. 

As a designer, I have worked in the field of designing when it had nothing to be connected with artificial intelligence and I am still in the field when it has its elements connected to artificial intelligence. I have seen the field of designing potentially growing and we as a designer have been aided with the induction of artificial intelligence. Our creativity and innovation have got inspiration for new ideas and things. I personally have the comments that more than cons there are pros of induction of artificial intelligence in the field of designing. 


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