Soundbar Buying Guide

Soundbar: A Definitive Guide To Buying One

With the advent of technology, new and best soundbars are readily available at our nearby stores and most e-commerce platforms. The speakers coupled with modern-gen television sets are quite impressive, but for a cinematic and immersive experience — the idea of buying a soundbar might have come across your mind.

Soundbars come with an abundance of features and unparalleled audio quality. As technology evolves rapidly, the market is overwhelmed with the finest, premium quality of sound systems. In this guidepost, we have curated a list of factors to consider when buying a soundbar. We cut through the clutter and bring the most valuable information essential in buying the best soundbar in the market.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Soundbar

Soundbars are the missing link to your everyday entertainment. A top-notch piece of a sound system is a much-needed source for providing the most joyous entertainment experience. In order to help you find the best soundbar, we have chalked a few of the most pivotal considerations to adhere to before buying a soundbar.


Addressing the ease of usage is the primary factor to consider before hovering over other buying factors. Spending every penny matters, and the same is the case with soundbars. The present-day sound systems are laden with innovations that make use of technology easier and more effortless.

The larger soundbar systems might block the signal between the TV and the remote control. Hence, soundbars fused with built-in IR receivers prevent this problem by transferring signals from your remote to the television set. The most user-friendly part about soundbars is that they feature display and control panels, making it more plain-sailing to switch tracks, change volume levels, etc.

Sound channels

Soundbars are powered using certain audio channels to bring you an error-free audio experience. These soundbars typically comprise three different channels: 5.1, 3.1, 2.0, and so on. Dolby Atmos is another great addition to your entertainment experience, which comes with numbers like 5.1.2 and 7.1.2. The first number (5 or 7) indicates how many speakers are built-in, while the second indicates subwoofers.

Dolby Atmos has been an incredible addition to the sound experience and is perhaps the most preferred feature audiophiles consider in a soundbar. Such an audio channel rejuvenates the entire entertainment session and switches your traditional TV viewing experience into a theatre-like experience. All in all, we recommend going with soundbars featuring more sound channels. The more the channels, the better it is.

Voice-enabled access

In this day and age, if you are still thumping your sound system or the remote control for hassle-free functioning, then you are living in archaic times. The most recent soundbars have built-in voice assistants to seamlessly access the device from a distance.

Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s assistant are two platforms that let you control the device using your voice. These assistants are quick to recognize your voice and help you with reliable and smoother control of the sound system.

Size of the soundbar

There is no widely followed principle as to how large or small the size of your soundbar must be. Nevertheless, if considering the aesthetics of your room — we recommend going for a soundbar that is not much larger than your TV. The brands focus more on the aesthetic aspect of their sound systems, thus offering you more sleek and neatly designed devices that sit comfortably underneath your television sets. Ultimately, settling with the soundbar based on its size is the decision you have to make.

Connectivity options

Soundbars with adequate connectivity options are a better purchase. This is perhaps the most influential aspect when exploring the market of soundbars. The current-gen sound systems feature most of the connectivity options, namely HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi. It is important to buy the one with the options, as this will save you from upgrading to a different soundbar in the near future. Wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth and WiFi provide a much more uninterrupted music streaming experience.

Location of the soundbar

Another crucial consideration that has to be figured out well before buying the soundbar — is the location. Generally, soundbars are mounted on the wall or placed underneath the television sets. The suggested idea is to place the sound system so that it doesn’t come between you and your TV. Moreover, there has to be a power plug available to have the soundbar seamlessly connected at all times.

Wrapping Up

All said and done, to have a cinematic experience within closed doors — all of the features mentioned above are not to be overlooked in a soundbar. In this buying guide, we managed to chalk down some of the most commonly discussed points to help you buy the best one available per your preference and budget. The right quality of sound system might save you from buying a new one.

Since we’ve discussed all of the necessary factors, you must also consider that the brand also matters. A well-known or established brand is what will keep you entertained in the long run. The most common terms associated with soundbars have been discussed; if you have questions about this particular device, let us know in the comments section.

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