We guess that you might have heard of Wikipedia earlier. In the case you might not be familiar with Wikipedia it’s the worlds’ largest encyclopedia and not only that, it holds uncountable number of authors since everyone can make contributions.

Wikipedia stands as the world’s 7th most visited website on the internet with half billion views for a month, and it’s no wonder that Wikipedia is the huge website, but why it’s so highly referred

Technically speaking Wikipedia article is not for everyone. If you are going to have a Wikipedia presence you must comply with the credibility as explained by the Wikipedia page on the subject that needs to be worthy of notice in its own right

For a startup, the notability is quite challenging and a Wikipedia Consultant can decide for the content you want to publish can better be added in the existing articles with similar business practices, rather than providing you a completely new place on the Internet

But to the best of luck there are few things you can do about it. You can boast a little but make sure you have trusted sources for backup

Strong references

If your business has been talked by the third parties such as media coverages, press release and publications that are neutral along with one more citations for the page

Technically speaking topics with number of references that are independent are taken into account to support the unique page you should have at least four and the more you have the better you do. The strength of references also matter. A small publication in your local newspaper is not noteworthy however, exposure in the national magazine might be

Your own website can also be taken for reference, however, it needs to be done in highly restricted manner. You are not valued as the neutral independent reference and hence you need to be judgmental while deciding when to link with your very own content

The mere exception to the fact can be found when you scroll to the end with “external links” section where your homepage can be displayed as the very first search option

Achievements on the national level is note worthy to be featured

What can be the achievements!

If your business has fulfilled somethings that is worth noting, either awards winning, going up with something exclusive or have been through the media spotlight conducting some events you can leverage with it as a way of demonstrating notability

While these can be the real achievements and not just the immodest options. If you have made a million sales over the year it’s wonderful but not enough to give you eligibility to make wiki page but if you have invented a lifesaving drug then you are noteworthy.

Keep safe in knowledge that your sole achievement have nothing to do with notability. However, if something worth sharing happened to your business that is also a chunk to talk about

Making achievements that are noteworthy are difficult but that doesn’t mean you waste small opportunities to avail the bigger ones, since something is better than nothing

Wikipedia for business reason

In a nut shell taking advantage of Wikipedia for the business purpose is only practical if people have already some interest and there is no point in having a page since you are notable

So that we have undergone the fundamentals, let’s have some understanding of opportunities and threat for the page. The most crucial reason to have a Wikipedia page is that it enhances your standing and trustworthiness

Nowadays, particularly the new customers research for the companies prior to buying and wish for some independent notability of your existence

This is particularly true if you are providing something new and particularly in pocket friendly rates since the real buyers are tired of frauds and a well-made Wikipedia page will assist your business earn credibility that you are a reliable source

If you are not on Wikipedia you don’t have existence

In the same manner lacking a page suggests that you are either not notable or hiding something and being neutral will you buy from the seller you don’t trust.

Having Wikipedia presence for business also assist in improving your visibility and offer a solid and reliable result leading to the top of organic searches

As per the standards the visitors will be provided the opportunity to link your homepage, however, there can be actual value in having a link of Wikipedia page

Final thoughts

Eventually as a final thought using Wikipedia for the business can assist in elevating your sales and

Finally, as a result of all of the above, using Wikipedia for business can help you grow your sales and progress your company


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