If you are a business owner, despite the fact how small or large your organization is, you need to an explainer video to vocalize your idea and brand’s message. You need to create acquaintances of your products with the target audience. At present, the online market is flooded with a massive number of competitors all battling up fiercely making innovation and creativity their armors.

Moreover, as the technological components are experiencing a huge shift in terms of advancements and modernization, you must gear up with resources that can give a boost to your business. You need to buckle up with techniques and assets that can boost the effectiveness of your branding campaign. And there is nothing more advantageous than explainer videos. As per the statistics, around 80% of the marketers claim that videos have influenced their growth and increased their online traffic.

So, without further ado, let get on the guide mentioned below and learn a few techniques that can assist you in making a classic explainer video for your brand.

Choose An Appropriate Video Style

To your amusement, there are over five different styles of animated videos. You have to learn about each one of them and pick the most suitable one.

  1. Typography- In the typography video, the major part is presented with words. You have to choose the font style and color along with adding a bit of graphics to make your animation more attractive. You have to deliver the message either in breaking letter style, bold typography, bubble fonts, or many other styles.
  2. 2D Animated Videos- The story is sketched in a two-dimensional framework. You have to create a story that is compelling and has the flair to attract viewers. 2D explainer videos are mostly used to deliver a brand’s success story or to briefly define the core values and purpose of companies.
  3. 3D Animated Videos- The story is created in a three-dimensional framework where the characters and objects are covered from every angle. The camera moves in every direction and shows the scenes covering all of the aspects.
  4. Whiteboard Animation- In this style the story is presented using a whiteboard and black ink. Usually, a hand draws the entire story and presents it beautifully unleashing the message as the video goes on. Most brands add the color of their brand identity as well. It doubles the effectiveness of the video.
  5. Live Action- Live action is one for the most commonly used styles. In this style, the animated characters and objects are added in the video featuring a real person. Either that person explains the message while interacting with different objects, popping graphs and statistics or there is a smooth combination of both animated characters and real humans in the story to amuse viewers.

Compose the Script

Composing an appealing script is imperative as it plays a powerful role in bringing viewers closer. Your script must address a commonly encountered problem in the form of a question to direct the attention. As the video goes on it should present the solution of keeping your company at the center stage. You must define as to why only your company can help your viewers and what good they are about to receive. Remember to use words carefully to throw a lasting professional impression on your target audience.

You must know to whom, the video is going to address and what are the preferences of your target audience. What kind of tone and voice can appeal to them. These are a few things that you must research before you pen down a single word.

Add Appropriate Graphics

You can consult free online video making tools if you want to save a few bucks or else producing videos using professional software is the best option. You have to select graphics, objects, and pattern according to your niche and brand identity. Do not create distraction or clusters. Keep the aesthetic clean and use negative spaces effectively.

Edit and Publish

Before you finalize your video, sneak into your market and take a look at the work of your competitors. See what they are using and how they are promoting. Maybe you can find some loopholes and get the chance to edit your video. Improvise the content and fix every error for better productivity and effectiveness. See if the video is playing its role in strengthening your clientele. And find out whether it is engaging and resourceful enough to increase your onsite traffic or not.

Wrap Up

Creating an animated video may seem to be a child’s play but if you ponder on its far-reaching benefits you will strive to create the best one. So, keep an eye on the trends and note how audiences are reacting to a different marketing campaign. You have to see what the lacking present in other’s campaign are and how you can make yours flawlessly captivating.


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