Best Android Apps you Should Try in 2018. The best Android Apps for your Smartphone or Tablet your should use in you day to day life. Best Must use Apps for Android to try in 2018 that helps in your daily life.

Here, we have talked about Top 6 Apps that we can use it in our daily life. These are must use apps to use in your day to day life. Best must use apps in our day to day life. I hope that you will be love the article.

Top 6 Apps to use in our Daily Life [Best Must Use Apps for 2018]

Technology has evolved in the last decades. Nowadays our smartphones make our life easier. Here we collect some Android applications that are ready to help us in  for your daily Life use . It can make your life easier, simpler and smarter with these applications. But then there are some applications that are important. They help us in our daily activities and reduce our work.

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Top 6 Apps to use in our Daily Life

We have researched useful applications and have created a list of these applications. Here are the 6 must have Android apps for your daily Life use . You can set them all up and make your life easier.

1. Google Assistant

The Google Assistant app offers one other approach to launch the Assistant that’s already on Android devices.

It means that you can quickly access your Google Assistant with one click. Your personal Google Assistant right is here to help you assist. Ask your Google Assistant questions and get rid out of the problems, get things done. Use it anytime, anywhere. You can use it anytime, anywhere for anything.

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2. HealthifyMe

Health is our wealth. Our busy lifestyle does not give us the freedom to go to the gym. But the HealthifyMe application allows us to take care of our health and physical condition. The application is specially designed for training at home. The user is asked to enter their height and weight, after which they can set an objective for themselves. You can track your daily diet in this application and check your daily calorie intake. This application is definitely a great option and aims to keep everyone physically fit.

3. Google Keep (save your thoughts or ideas on your mobile)

Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

The Google Keep App Keep your thoughts on your Android mobile You can save your important notes, ideas, images and lists in this application. Google automatically synchronizes all your data with Google servers. You can see all your notes at This means that you can see all your important notes on all devices.

4. Microsoft Remote App (Control your PC from your Mobile)

The Microsoft Remote application gives you access to your PC to control your PC. Sometimes you do not want to use a PC, but you need to do important work. Download this application on your mobile and you can do anything on your Windows PC from your mobile phone.

5. TrueCaller (Identify unknown numbers and calls)

TrueCaller is the best application to identify unknown call numbers on your smartphone. You can also block spam numbers and contacts on your phone from this application.

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6. Share it

SHARE it is a multi-platform file sharing application. It is also available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac platforms. So, user can transfer files between any devices running on supported platforms. If you combine users of all platforms, SHARE it boasts of having over 1 billion users.

It is very fast to move data. You can even move GB’s of movies in just a few seconds from one device to another.

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