WhatsApp on Your PC – Hey Do You want to Know How You Can Access Your WhatsApp On Your PC? If yes then here we have a complete information about how you can use WhatsApp on your PC/Laptop.

We always using WhatsApp on our android or iOS phones but sometimes we want to use WhatsApp on our PC/Laptop too.

the best part of using WhatsApp on a PC or Laptop, you don’t have to download WhatsApp on your PC, you just have to follow these simple, step by step method to access your WhatsApp on your PC.


How To Use WhatsApp on Your PC

  • First of all, go to –  https://web.whatsapp.com/
  • Now Open WhatsApp On Your Phone
  • Tap on the menu
  • Now Go to Setting
  • Select WhatsApp web
  • Now Scan Barcode
  • Now Point Your Phone to the Laptop Screen and Scan the Barcode
  • Now you will be redirected to your WhatsApp dashboard.

How To install WhatsApp on MAC OSX 10.9+ 

  • First of all Go to Your Browser Chrome, Firefox, Opera.
  • Simply go to this link from your Browser – Download WhatsApp
  • Click on Download For Mac Button
  • Once the download is completed, Launch WhatsApp On your Computer
  • Scan the QR Code
  • You can Also Download and install WhatsApp via your Apple store.

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Benefits of using WhatsApp Web

  • You can use Keywords To type.
  • You can download unlimted videos and images on your laptop because there is no storage restriction.
  • You can view Any contact info.
  • you can view any group info.
  • Mute and unmute notification.

Disadvantage of using WhatsApp web

  • You have to choose emojis via your mouse.
  • Can’t leave or start a new group.
  • Can’t share any contacts with anyone
  • Can’t block any users
  • Can’t change you WhatsApp Girls DP or WhatsApp status.

How You Can keep logged in on the WhatsApp Web?

Whenever you login with WhatsApp Web and Scan the QR code on your mobile device or your Computer System, You just Have To select ‘Keep Me Signed in” option just below the QR code.

WhatsApp Web : How To Use WhatsApp on Your PC

In this way, next time whenever you visit web.whatsapp. com, it will automatically be logged in, the only condition is that at that time also you must have an active internet connection in your mobile device.

How to You Can Add New Contacts Using WhatsApp Web

Yes, you can easily save any contact numbers on WhatsApp Web But by using a Google Chrome Extension & App.

Here’s how to get started!

  1. You have to Install InTouchApp on your phone.
  2. Now Install the InTouchApp Chrome Extension Into your Chrome browser and log in to your InTouchApp account
  3. Open WhatsApp Web
  4. “Save Contact” buttons magically appear inside WhatsApp Web at appropriate locations

Now you are ready to save contacts to your phone without leaving the comfort of typing from your computer. Cheers to greater productivity!


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