Run QBasic on Android

How to run QBasic on Android Phones

Downloading and running QBasic on Android is very similar to PC. QBasic is an IDE and interpreter for the popular BASIC programming language that helps you code and make simple programs. And we are here with a guide on how to use a DOS emulator to run QBasic on Android. The only difference while running QBasic on Android to a Desktop/PC is that we need an emulator for executing the QBasic application file i.e qb.exe file.

Now, Let’s start programming!

QBasic is a simple programming language that was made and launched in 1964 by John G. Kemenny and Thomas E. Kurtz. QBASIC is now owned by Microsoft. QBASIC stands for Quick Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It has simple commands like CLS, LET, INPUT, PRINT, IF…THEN, FOR…NEXT etc, with the help of which we can write and execute simple programs. QBasic has a Character User Interface (CUI) that is similar to MS-DOS. Almost all of the Microsoft OS can run QBasic.

Android is a Linux-based Mobile Operating System. Android users enjoy many advanced features that are not available on PCs. Ever wondered how you can get QBasic for Android? How can you write QBasic and run QBasic programs on your Android?

There is no QBasic application on Google Play Store and on other App Stores too with which you can directly run QBasic. Though there are no QBasic applications, there are many Android DOS Emulators. Writing and running a QBasic program gets very simple with aFreeBox Android DOS Emulator.

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Here in this tutorial, we will use aFreeBox app to run QBasic on our Android device. aFreeBox is an Android DOS Emulator, which will help us run QBasic on our Android device. You can use other Android DOS Emulators like Free DOSBox, DOSBoxTurbo, and more to run QBasic too.

Run QBasic on Android

Everything gets easy if you do it by giving your full potential. Programming is hard until you make it your life, otherwise, it will be a headache. Below is a step-by-step guide for getting QBasic running on your android device.

Step 1:

The first thing you will have to do is download aFreeBox (Android DOSBox) app and install it on your Android Device.

Developer: Fishstix
Price: Free

Step 2:

After aFreeBox is installed, you can open it and explore the app. The font may be too small, but it is readable. Phones having a small screen might have problems understanding the text.

Step 3:

You will need a .exe file of QBasic to run it on your Android. You can find this executable file of QBasic on your PC if you have QBasic on your PC. Generally, the name of the executable file of QBasic will be qb.exe. If it is there on your PC then it’s fine, send it to your Android device via a USB Cable or anything which you find easy and convenient.

Don’t have qb.exe file?

Copy executable file of QBasic to your SD Card (If you transferred it to your phone’s internal storage). Make a folder named “QBasic” and move the qb.exe file to the folder which you just created. This is not a compulsory thing to do but it makes the steps that follow by easier.

Step 4:

Open aFreeBox

Step 5:

Type the command ‘CLS‘ and press enter. This step is nothing fancy. It just clears the screen so we get more space. Again, this is not a compulsory command to type.

Now, start by typing the following commands:

– Type in mount d /sdcard/qbasic
With this command, /sdcard/qbasic will be mounted as the local directory.
Note that there is a space between d and /

– Type in d:

You will be taken to D: directory i.e. your SD Card; C: is your Phone Memory and D: is your SD Card.

– Type the name of the QBasic application present inside the QBasic folder. If you had downloaded the file via my link, then its name is qb.exe. If it’s qb.exe, then type in qb.exe hit press enter.

QBasic Welcome Screen
QBasic Screen

Now, your QBasic screen will open. You will be welcomed by a text that says ‘Welcome to MS-DOS QBasic’. It will be a little bit difficult for navigating and typing things. But slowly you will get habituated. Hope you liked this. See you in the next article

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download QBasic on Android?

You can easily download the qb.exe file from Google. You can download the qb.exe file for free from the link given above.

How do I run QBasic on Android?

Running QBasic on Android is basically the same as we do for the PC. The only difference is while running QBasic on Android, we need an emulator for executing the QBasic application file i.e qb.exe file and on the PC we don’t. Download the qb.exe file provided by us or use your own and run it via any emulator such as aFreeBox or similar.

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