Best Snowboard Themes for iOS 14

Best SnowBoard Themes for iOS 14-14.5

Not only are these the best iOS 14 themes, but here's how to apply themes with SnowBoard to make your Jailbroken device even better.

Snowboard is a lightweight successor of the Winterboard theming engine for iOS. It is a powerful theming engine that provides a framework upon which different iOS compatible themes can be installed. SnowBoard works for iOS 7 and later. Today, we are here with the best snowboard themes that you can have to tweak your theme in iOS 7-13 and also iOS 14. We will also go through the installation steps on how you can apply these iOS 14 snowboard themes.

SnowBoard is a popular theming engine that can help you tweak your JailBreaked iOS device. It is a tool that helps install various iOS themes on your iPhone and iPad with iOS versions 5.1 or later including iOS 13-13.5 and iOS 14. It requires a Jailbroken device, iOS 5 or later, and Cydia.

Best iOS 14 SnowBoard Themes
Best SnowBoard Themes iOS 14

You will definitely love these JailBreak iOS themes. It is only for devices running iOS and is fully compatible with 5.1-10/10-10.2/11-11.3.1/12-12.1.2/13-13.5 including iOS 14-iOS 14.3

For your ease, we have listed both paid and free snowboard themes below. Find the one you like the most and suit yourself.

But before,

What is SnowBoard?


SnowBoard provides us with options to customize/change home screen layout, icons, scale it, clear alternative icons, and improved compatibility. It is a powerful theming engine that provides a framework upon which different iOS compatible themes can be installed. It can be difficult to install a theme on iOS 13 and above without using SnowBoard.

The process of applying themes on iOS is quite similar to Android but complicated. You need to first jailbreak your iPhone (we say root in Android), then you need to install a theming engine like SnowBoard from Cydia. Finally, you need to download a snowboard theme that you like, then you can simply apply the theme from SnowBoard in Cydia settings.

How to install Themes with SnowBoard on iOS 14 and below

Installing Themes on iOS 14
Installing Themes on iOS 14
  • Open Cydia
  • Tap Search and enter the name of the snowboard theme you want to install. [Find some popular and best snowboard themes from our recommendations below]
  • Download any of the SnowBoard themes you like and tap Install.
  • Enable and Apply your downloaded theme from SnowBoard settings.

For a better understanding of installing themes using SnowBoard on iOS 14, watch this video:

That’s it. Enjoy and feel with the new look of your device with all these best and most popular snowboard themes for your iOS 14 and below. All the snowboard themes listed here feel good, look great, and are therefore listed in zero particular order.

Best SnowBoard Themes for iOS 14-14.5

Now, without any further ado, let’s begin with the best iOS 14 themes list that you should try!

1. Elysian

Price: $2.49

Repo: Packix

iOS 14 Theme - Elysian

Elysian is a theme that brings very modern techniques to icon designs while remaining true to the stock feel of iOS. This refreshing new look has more than 300 icons, more than 40 alternative icons, custom-made settings icons, special notification badges, and an elysian mask.

It is a beautiful, creative, and exceedingly delightful iOS theme that comes with icons added frequently with every update, design enhancements, and exciting stuff.

2. Viola

Price: $1.99

Repo: Packix

Best iOS 14 Theme - Viola

Viola is a simple, modern, and beautiful iOS theme that is designed with care to replace the stock iOS look. It has a stunning color palette and beautiful gradients with icons. Viola features 2000+ icons, 80+ alternative icons, settings themes, wallpapers, generic and blank icons, badges, and much more. Its recent updates have also added Viola Mask, Viola Noir Mode (black background, with white glyphs), and Viola Blanc Mode (white background with black glyphs) that are awesome.

There’s also Viola Dark created by the same developer and it supports iOS 7.x — iOS 14.x. Viola Dark comes with more than 1870 icons that include 15+ Alternate Icons, 8 Dark Wallpapers, and much more.

3. NookPhone

Price: Free

Repo: Twickd

Best iOS 14 Theme - NookPhone

NookPhone is one of the best iPhone themes that is clean and crisp that transforms your device into a NookPhone with beautiful flat and colorful icons. Addicted to Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Then this theme is definitely for you! NookPhone contains more than 200 icons, icon masks, and badges. These icons make your iPhone look like a NookPhone from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

4. Felicity Pro

Price: Free

Repo: Dynastic

iOS 14 Theme - Felicity Pro
Felicity Pro

Felicity Pro is an intense happy theme that comes with around 700+ vibrant colors and gradient icons. Felicity Pro is a complete and new redesign of the Felicity theme where the icons have been completely redone with deeper shadows and sharper glyphs. Each icon in this theme has a great improvement in the stock design. The theme’s color palette has also improved the current design by making all colors and gradients brighter and easier on the eye.

5. Desa

Price: $1.99

Repo: Packix

Desa - Best Theme for iOS 14

Desa theme is inspired by the iMac G4 Desa that replicates its transparent and stylish look bringing it to a digital world. Desa theme features 464 Icons, 70 Alt Icons, badges, chat bubbles, boot logo with more updates such as dark mode android icons coming soon.

6. Thine

Price: Free

Repo: Packix

Best iOS 14 Theme - Thine

Thine is a very clean, colorful, and linear theme that comes along with over 600 icons with plans to add up to 2000+ icons. Every icon is handcrafted with much attention to detail and looked over multiple times. All colors are vibrant and are pleasant to look at. Thine features 600 beautiful icons in 256×256 resolution, alternative icons, settings theme, custom badges, and more. Thine theme is also compatible with iOS 15.

7. Chroma

Price: Free

Repo: Dynastic


Chroma gives your iPhone a colorful makeover with its vivid gradient theme that you use to spice up your iPhone without going over the top. The gradient theme comes with over 450 icons, 70 alternate icons, and 2 icon masks, settings theme, icons badges that give a feeling similar to the stock icons but tweaked to give a refreshing look and feel of your iPhone’s UI.

8. DarksxGold

Price: $2

Repo: Twickd

Best iOS 14 Theme - DarksxGold

DarksxGold is a gorgeous iOS 14 theme that you need to try right now. The dark color scheme and gold accents are so beautiful together, the 715 included icons will make your home screen look even more stunning! It also includes settings icons, badges, and more, making it an excellent choice for iPhone users.

With gold-outlined buttons and vibrant colors at every turn, it’s sure to stand out from the crowd on your iPhone or iPad.

9. ThineWhite

Price: Free

Repo: Packix

Best iOS 14 Theme - ThineWhite

ThineWhite is a very clean, white, and black linear icon pack that comes along with 600 icons with plans to add 2000+ icons. Every icon is handcrafted with much attention to detail and looked over multiple times. It’s really good for people who like black themes. ThineWhite features 600 beautiful icons in 256×256 resolution, alternative icons, settings theme, custom badges, and comes with regular updates.

10. Nightlight

Price: Free

Repo: Dynastic

Best Dark iOS 14 Theme - Nightlight

Nightlight is a true iOS-style Dark Mode theme that adds Native-like Dark Mode for your HomeScreen. It stays true to the Dark Mode style implemented in iOS 13 by using the same colors and styles. Nightlight uses the stock glyphs of iOS, the same colors as apples Dark Mode and even imitates the light grey table separator around each icon giving a consistent experience and appearance throughout the device.

11. Blind

Price: $1.99

Repository: Packix

iOS 14 SnowBoard Theme - Blind
Blind Theme

The Blind theme comes packed with two themes in one package that are Light and Dark versions, each having its own unique design. It has more than 380 icons which are updated regularly with more coming in the future and supports iOS 11-iOS 14.2.

12. kindaStock

Price: Free

Repository: Dynastic

SnowBoard Theme for iOS 14 - kindaStock
kindaStock Theme

kindaStock is a theme for iOS that is clean and familiar but quite new and improves on the stock iOS icons while staying true to the original. Every icon of this theme is carefully crafted with love and attention to the details to give your device a fresh new look while keeping the premium Apple feel.

kindaStock theme comes with over 200 themed icons, beautiful icon shadows that you can enable from the SnowBoard Icon Effects Extension. It also comes with over 50 alternative icons including soft versions and custom notification badges to tie every feature together. kindaStock is one of the cleanest iOS 14 snowboard themes you should try. Cool, right?

13. echoes

Price: $1.99

Repository: Packix

Best iOS 14 Theme - echoes
echoes Theme

echoes is a theme that is mainly focused on blurred glyphs that makes it beautiful and crisp. Every single icon was crafted from the ground to create a unique look for each icon. It has a unique and appealing blend between popping colorful gradients and hand-crafted iconography.

The blur effect gives the eyes perception of depth from a 2D perspective and a plain view while also maintaining a frosted glass effect.

echoes theme currently offers 534+ themed icons with a lot of alternate icons and also has its own icon mask (as an option) that changes the radius of the icons to a more smooth and rounded shape. This theme also has custom setting icons, notification badges, respiring animation and supports iOS version(s) 11-15.

14. Akin

Price: Free

Repository: Twickd

iOS 14 Theme - Akin
Akin Theme

Akin is a free stock-like iOS theme with colors and dark icons. It is one of those best free snowboard themes for iOS that is really awesome. The akin theme includes two different themes, Akin and Akin Mini. Both themes have over 100+ icons crafted and stays true to iOS stylization. This theme also looks more cleaner, and clearer.

15. Aroma

Price: $1.99

Repository: Packix

Best iOS 14 SnowBoard Theme - Aroma
Aroma Theme

Aroma is one of the best iOS 14 SnowBoard themes that comes with dark icons. It comes with colors that can give your iOS a beautiful personality. This theme is inspired by the colors of nature and the original symbols that will attract your attention.

This snowboard theme contains 500 icons, 10 AE, 3 badges, 2 dots, 3 docks, 1 switch, setting icons, dialer numbers, icon bar with more icons added soon. This theme is compatible with devices running on iOS 7-iOS 14.4

16. iOS Big Sur

Price: $1.99

Repository: Twickd

Best iOS 14 Theme - iOS Big Sur
iOS Big Sur

Celebrate iOS with this all-new Big Sur Theme! iOS Big Sur Theme was inspired by macOS Big Sur Theme. Over 300+ beautiful icons and a special notification badge make it easy to personalize your phone. There’s also has a special notification badge for this theme. This snowboard theme looks extremely nice and supports iOS version(s) 11.0-14.2.

17. Stencil

Price: $3.49

Repository: Packix

Stencil - Best iOS 14 SnowBoard Theme
Stencil Theme

Stencil is a bright and clean outlined theme with massive customizations such as 2,500+ apps themed and 10 theme variants. It also includes loads of extra kinds of stuff like respiring logo, control center, settings, and share sheet icons in main and glyph versions.

This package contains ten full themes of Stencil, with filled and tinted versions of every icon, as glyphs and outlined icons. Stencil theme also features Status Bar UI, badges, page dots, activity spinners that are different for each theme version.

18. boncy Theme

Price: $3.00

Repository: Twickd

SnowBoard Theme iOS 14 - boncy
boncy Theme

boncy theme is an icon theme with a dynamic design and fresh colors. It is an icon set with bright, vibrant colors and uses a dynamic dual-color scheme that has a background of fresh and vivid color tones like orange/coral or berry pink. This theme supports iOS 5.1-iOS 14.2.

19. Killa

Price: $1.99

Repository: Twickd

Best SnowBoard Theme for iOS 14 - Killa
Killa Theme

Killa theme is one of the best iOS 14 themes which comes with 1600+ icons and also includes 10 custom-made wallpapers. It is also themed with 80+ special icons, pages dots, icon badges, AE’s, dock, settings menu and supports iOS 7.0-iOS 14.2

20. The Strokes

Price: $1.99

Repository: Packix

The Strokes - Best iOS 14 SnowBoard Theme
The Strokes Theme

The Strokes theme features Icons with beautiful colors and nice strokes with more than 270 icons and more coming. This theme supports iOS 11-iOS 14.5

21. Peek Dark

Price: $1.99

Repository: Packix

Best SnowBoard Theme - Peek Dark
Peek Dark Theme

Peek Dark is a highly detailed snowboard theme available for iOS. It is currently in its v1.4 and it supports iOS 11-iOS 13. It is featured with 275 icons that include 40+ Alternate Icons. What’s more? It is designed so perfectly that it creates an intriguing dark-style UI.

22. Lotus Revised

Price: Free

Repo: Twickd

Lotus Revised - iOS 13 Theme
Lotus Revised

Lotus Revised is a free iOS 14 theme. It is a simple and subtle revised gradient theme that bursts vibrantly with its colors. It is an updated version of the original theme ‘Lotus’ created by Haya. Lotus Revised is a nice-looking theme created with an idea of different colors of a flower which can be organized by its transitioning effect from blue to green or red to yellow. This version of revised Lotus adds new modernized icons for news apps and package managers. Icons like Cydia, Instagram, and photos were modernized in this theme and also have a few icons for previously un-themed apps.

23. Darken

Price: Free

Repo: Packix

Dark iOS 14 Theme - Darken

Do you like dark themes that are easy on the eyes and don’t care about other themes? Darken is a simple, dark theme with 150+ icons & badges. It has a simple but sleek, cool-looking design. It’s not too fancy but definitely worth trying!

24. Viola Dark

Price: $1.99

Repository: Packix

Dark iOS 13 SnowBoard Theme - Violet Dark
Viola Dark Theme

Viola Dark supports iOS 7.x — iOS 14.x and comes with more than 1870 icons that include 15+ Alternate Icons, 8 Dark Wallpapers, and more. I have to say, Viola Dark is the best iOS 14 snowboard theme. My favorite part about Viola dark is the variety in wallpapers it has to offer!

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25. Darker Plus

Price: $1.29

Repository: Packix

Best Dark SnowBoard Theme - Darker Plus
Darker Plus Theme

Darker theme helps you save battery if your device has an OLED screen. Black is class, and Darker theme actually provides you a unique experience.

It comes with a total of 1040 icons that includes 520 darks and pure black (OLED) icons. You can use this theme on iOS 7 or later.

That makes it one of the top snowboard themes for iOS 14 that I recommend you install.

Looking at the other Dark SnowBoard themes, we can definitely say in comparison to other best SnowBoard themes iOS 13 themes, Darker is the best.

Did you know? SnowBoard is a lightweight spiritual successor to the legendary WinterBoard engine and Anemone. It is a popular theming engine and leaves back all outdated and old theme engines.

26. Offwhite

Price: $2.00

Repository: Packix

Best SnowBoard Theme - Offwhite
Offwhite Theme

Offwhite theme is compatible with iOS version(s) iOS 7 or later. It comes with a Theme Badge, Themed Settings Icon, Beautiful Gradient Wallpaper, UI Sounds, and more than 255 App Icons. It brings you a twist to your iOS look with its smooth gradient and perfect color icons.

Did you see its Home Screen on the image? It’s really cool, isn’t it?

27. Atlantic (Dark)

Price: Free

Repository: Packix

Dark SnowBoard Theme - Atlantic (Dark)
Atlantic Dark Theme

It is a dark theme (as the name suggests) that is compatible with iOS 9 and later. What makes it the best theme for iOS, well there are several reasons but the main is its icons.

It comes with over 170 icons and three icon variants, Light, Glyph, and Dark.

I have to say this is one of the best winter-themed themes for your iDevice yet!

28. Muze 4

Price: $2.49

Repository: Packix

Muze 4 - Best SnowBoard Theme
Muze 4 Theme

Muze 4 a great elegant with amazing icons that I really found dope and it comes with a clean icon theme with a wide range of stunning gradients that completely redefines your iOS experience.

With over 700 icons, including 300+ redesigned icons, settings icons, and 400+ new and alternate icons, Muze 4 has proven to be the best SnowBoard theme for iOS 13.

29. Marque

Price: $1.99

Repository: Twickd

Best SnowBoard Theme - Marque
Marque Theme

Marque theme is recognized for its simplicity and gives a very beautiful pastel color touch with details of awesome design.

It comes with 500+ icons and is featured with 10+ alternate icons, badges, and settings panel themes.

30. Oreo Dark

Price: Free

Repository: Packix

Best Dark SnowBoard Theme - Oreo Dark
Oreo Dark Theme

OreoDark is a free snowboard theme that provides a Dark and Ultra Dark iOS experience. It is featured with 300 icons (Dark and Ultra Dark) and alternate icons.

More iOS 14 Themes you can try:


That was our recommendation on the best snowboard themes for iOS 13 and iOS 14. All the themes listed above are fully compatible with iOS 7-iOS 12/ iOS 13 and iOS 14.

There are more awesome themes available apart from those listed here. Do you know some more awesome snowboard themes that you think we missed? Comment those snowboard themes, and we will add them to the list!

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